JUSTIFY attribute

The JUSTIFY attribute defines the alignment of a text field content, and table column headers.




With the JUSTIFY attribute, you specify the justification of the content of a text field as LEFT, CENTER or RIGHT when the field is in display state.

JUSTIFY has no effect on the content of form item types like IMAGE, CHECKBOX, PROGRESSBAR. It aligns only the content of text fields such as EDIT and BUTTONEDIT. However, the JUSTIFY attribute can be used with all form item types: In addition to the text field data alignment, JUSTIFY defines the alignment of table column headers (this means table column header follows the alignment of field data). However, column header alignment in tables may not be enabled by default; check the headerAlignment presentation style attribute for the Table class.

If the input field has the focus in a dialog allowing user input, the data alignment rules are front-end specific, and follow either JUSTIFY or the data type of the field variable. When the current dialog is a CONSTRUCT, criteria input is always left-aligned.

With mobile front-ends, tables are rendered as list views with a maximum of two visible columns. By default, the main and the comment columns are displayed vertically in each row (main is above the comment). Use JUSTIFY=RIGHT for the second column, in order to display columns side by side. Note that numeric fields are by default right justified and thus do not need this attribute to be set.

You can also specify the text alignment of static form labels with the JUSTIFY attribute.


EDIT f01 = order.value, JUSTIFY=CENTER;