COLOR attribute

The COLOR attribute defines the foreground color of the text displayed by a form element.


COLOR = color-spec
  1. color-spec can be: BLACK, BLUE, CYAN, GREEN, MAGENTA, RED, WHITE, and YELLOW.
  2. color-spec can also be one of: REVERSE, LEFT, BLINK, and UNDERLINE, and it can be combined with a color name (COLOR = RED REVERSE).


The COLOR attribute defines the logical color of a value displayed in a field.

The fglform compiler ignores COLOR=WHITE and COLOR=BLACK: These colors can be specified in the .per file, but will not be written in the .42f file.

Important: In GUI mode, form elements can also be decorated with presentation styles. Pay attention to the specific rules that apply when combining TTY attributes and presentation styles.

A color name like RED, BLUE can be combined with an secondary keyword that must be one of: REVERSE, LEFT, BLINK, and UNDERLINE. The secondary keyword can also be used without a color name.

Note: For backward compatibility, the color can be specified as a number: 0=WHITE, 1=YELLOW, 2=MAGENTA, 3=RED, 4=CYAN, 5=GREEN, 6=BLUE, 7=BLACK. Note that fglform ignores COLOR=0 or COLOR=7: like COLOR=WHITE and COLOR=BLACK.


EDIT f001 =, COLOR = RED;