CENTURY attribute

The CENTURY attribute defines expansion of the year in a DATE or DATETIME field.


CENTURY = { "R" | "C" |"F" | "P" }


The CENTURY attribute specifies how to expand abbreviated one- and two-digit year specifications in a DATE and DATETIME field.

Century expansion is based on this attribute and on the current year defined by the system clock.

The CENTURY attribute can specify any of four algorithms to expand abbreviated years into four-digit year values that end with the same digits (or digit) that the user has entered.

CENTURY supports the same settings as the DBCENTURY environment variable, but with a scope that is restricted to a single field.

If the CENTURY and DBCENTURY settings are different, CENTURY takes precedence.

Unlike DBCENTURY, the CENTURY attribute is not case sensitive. However, we recommend that you use uppercase letters in the attribute.