Defines the list of functions to be followed by the program execution trace.

The FGLTRACE_FUNCTIONS environment variable defines the list of functions to be traced with the program execution trace option.

By default, the trace starts with the MAIN function and all functions of the program are traced.

In order to limit the trace to a given set of functions, define the FGLTRACE_FUNCTIONS environment variable with space-separated list of function names. The functions can be prefixed by a module name:
 | function-name
 | module-name.function-name
  1. module-name is the name of a .42m module.
  2. function-name is the name of a function.

Unlike FGLTRACE_EXCLUDE, functions in FGLTRACE_FUNCTIONS can be specified with or without the module prefix. For example, if you want to include the check_order() function of the orders.4gl module, you can specify "orders.check_order" or "check_order" in FGLTRACE_FUNCTIONS.

For example, to enable the trace log in the "invoice_report_1" function (without specifying a module), and to enable the trace in the "add_customer" function, defined in the "custmod" module:

$ FGLTRACE_FUNCTIONS="invoice_report_1 custmod.add_customer"
On Windows™:
C:\> set FGLTRACE_FUNCTIONS=invoice_report_1 custmod.add_customer

FGLTRACE_FUNCTIONS has a higher priority than FGLTRACE_EXCLUDE. The trace is enabled for a function listed in FGLTRACE_FUNCTIONS, when is it called from a function excluded by FGLTRACE_EXCLUDE.