Defines the graphical front-end for the application.

In GUI mode, FGLSERVER defines the host name and port of the graphical front-end the runtime system will connect to in order to display application forms.

If FGLSERVER is not defined, the runtime system (fglrun) assumes that the front-end executes on the same computer.

The values for the FGLSERVER environment variable must be specified with the following syntax:

  1. hostname is the name of a machine on the network.
  2. ip-address is the IP V4 address ( Ex: 10:0:0:105 ).
  3. server-num identifies the front-end.

The server-num parameter defines the front-end server number (first is 0, second is 1, and so on). This defines implicitly the TCP port number the front-end is listening to, as an offset for the base port 6400. For example, FGLSERVER=cobra:1 will use the TCP port 6401 (6400 + 1). This parameter is optional, when not specified, it defaults to zero (port 6400).