Defines the configuration files to be used by the runtime system.


The FGLPROFILE environment variable defines a list of configuration files to be used by the runtime system.

The runtime system always reads entries from the default configuration file located in $FGLDIR/etc/fglprofile, then the file(s) defined in the FGLPROFILE environment variable.

FGLPROFILE can define one unique configuration file, or a list of files to be loaded sequentially.

FGLPROFILE must contain a list of file paths, separated by the operating system specific path separator. The path separator is ":" on UNIX™ platforms and ";" on Windows® platforms.

On mobile devices, you must deploy a file with the name "fglprofile" in the appdir directory. See FGLPROFILE for mobile apps for more details.

For more details, see also The FGLPROFILE file(s).


On UNIX platforms:

$ FGLPROFILE="/opt/myapp/gui_settings.prf:/opt/myapp/sqldb_settings.prf"

On Windows platforms:

C:\> set FGLPROFILE=C:\myapp\gui_settings.prf;C:\myapp\sqldb_settings.prf