Defines the directory for temporary files.

The DBTEMP environment variable defines the directory for temporary files created by the runtime system.

If the DBTEMP variable is not defined, the runtime system uses the temporary directory as defined on the operating system. Depending on the platform, the TMPDIR, TMP, TEMP environment variables, or the default system temp directory will be used.


The DBTEMP environment variable is also used by the IBM® Informix® database client and server for temporary files.

The temporary directory is used to create temporary files for:

  1. TEXT or BYTE data located in a temporary file (LOCATE IN FILE without filename specification).
  2. Temporary files of emulated scrollable cursors when the database engine does not support this feature.
  3. Temporary filename generation with os.Path.makeTempName().
  4. Temporary files created by the Web Services API, such as com.HttpResponse.getFileResponse.

On mobile devices, do not set DBTEMP environment variable: The runtime system will automatically use the appropriate temporary directory within the app sandbox file system.