Searching the documentation

Tips to find what you are looking for in the documentation.

Search field

To find topics in the documentation that cover the subject you are looking for, enter search terms in the search field near the top right of any page of the HTML documentation, then press the Enter key. The results are displayed in the "Search Results" tab on the left.

The search is not case-sensitive.

By default, when you enter several words in the search field, the search engine will find all pages that contain one of these words. To perform a search to find pages that contain several words, use the "and" operator (do not use quotes to group words)

For example, to find new features related to DATETIMEEDIT, enter:

datetimeedit and new and features


This document uses American English spelling. If a search brings up this page as the only result, it is probably because you have used a British English spelling for one of the words listed in the table below; you should search on the American English spelling instead.

Table 1. British vs American spelling examples
British English American English
colour color
customisation customization
internationalisation internationalization
localisation localization
licence license
behaviour behavior