Defines the database schema files to be used for compilation.

Syntax 1: Database schema specification

SCHEMA dbname
  1. dbname identifies the database schema file (.sch).

Syntax 2: Database schema and default connection specification

  1. dbname identifies the database schema file (.sch).


The SCHEMA dbname instruction defines the database schema to be used for compilation, where dbname identifies the name of the database schema files (.sch).

The [DESCRIBE] DATABASE instruction defines the compilation database schema, and the default connection for the MAIN block when the program starts.

Instead of [DESCRIBE] DATABASE, use the SCHEMA instruction: The SCHEMA instruction defines only the compilation database schema and allows to use a database schema name different from the connection database name.

The dbname database name must be expressed explicitly; it cannot be a variable as in a DATABASE instruction inside a program block.

Use the SCHEMA instruction outside any program block, before a variable declaration with DEFINE LIKE instructions. SCHEMA must precede any program block in each module that includes a DEFINE ... LIKE declaration or INITIALIZE ... LIKE and VALIDATE...LIKE statements. It must also precede any DEFINE ... LIKE declaration of module variables.

Database schema information such as data types for DEFINE ... LIKE are taken from the schema files during compilation. Make sure that the database schema file of the development database corresponds to the production database; otherwise the program variables defined in the p-code modules will not match the table structures of the production database.

For backward compatibility with IBM® Informix® , dbname can be written with different syntaxes. You can specify an Informix server, or a more complex Informix source with a string like "//server/database". Such database schema specification is not recommended, as it prevents use of database type other than Informix:
| database @ server
| "string"

When using a simple identifier for the database name, the compiler converts the name to lowercase, before searching the schema file. However, if a double quoted string is used as database name, the name will be used as is to find the schema file.

With the SCHEMA instruction, the name of the database schema during development can be different from the name of the database source used at runtime.

To handle uppercase characters in the database name you must quote the name: SCHEMA "myDatabase"


SCHEMA dev_db -- Compilation database schema
DEFINE rec RECORD LIKE customer.*
   DATABASE prod_db -- Runtime database specification
   SELECT * INTO rec.* FROM customer WHERE custno=1