INPUT specific attributes can be defined in the ATTRIBUTE clause of the sub-dialog header.

HELP option

The HELP attribute defines the number of the help message to be displayed when invoked and focus is in the list controlled by the INPUT sub-dialog. The predefined 'help' action is automatically created by the runtime system. You can bind action views to the 'help' action. The HELP clause overrides the HELP attribute.

NAME option

The NAME attribute can be used to identify the INPUT sub-dialog, especially useful to qualify sub-dialog actions


The WITHOUT DEFAULTS option indicates if the fields controlled by INPUT must be filled (FALSE) or not (TRUE) with the DEFAULT values defined in the form specification file. The runtime system assumes that the field satisfies the REQUIRED attribute, when WITHOUT DEFAULTS is used. If the WITHOUT DEFAULTS option is not used, all fields defined with the REQUIRED attribute must be visited and modified.

For more details see Form field initialization.