User name and password (username/password)

In database connection parameters, the username and password parameters define the default database user, when the program uses the DATABASE instruction or the CONNECT TO instruction without the USER/USING clause.

The username and password FGLPROFILE entries are not encrypted. These parameters are provided to simplify migration and are not recommended in production. It is better to use CONNECT TO with a USER / USING clause to avoid any security hole, setup OS user authentication, or use the connection callback method. Example of database servers supporting OS user authentication are: IBM® Informix®, Oracle®, and SQL Server.

Important: Do not write clear user passwords in your sources! It is recommended that username and password parameters are set from variables.

For backward compatibility reasons, when using the IBM Informix driver, the username / password specification is ignored by the DATABASE instruction, only the CONNECT TO instruction takes external (or callback) login parameters into account.