Database source specification (source)

In database connection parameters, the source parameter identifies the data source name.

If the source parameter is defined with an empty value (""), the database interface connects to the default database server, which is usually the local server.

If the source entry is not present in FGLPROFILE, direct database specification method takes place.

Table 1. Meaning of the source connection parameter for supported databases
Database Type Value of "source" entry Description
Dameng® datasource Database source name as defined in the dm_svc.conf file.
Generic ODBC datasource ODBC Data Source
IBM® Informix® dbname[@dbserver] IBM Informix database specification
Oracle® MySQL / MariaDB




Database Name @ Host Name: TCP Port


Database Name @ Local host ~ UNIX™ socket file

Oracle Database tnsname Oracle TNS Service name
PostgreSQL dbname[@host[:port]][?options] Database Name @ Host Name : TCP Port ? PostgreSQL URI-style query string options
Microsoft™ SQL Server datasource[?options] ODBC Data Source ? ODBC connection string parameters




Path to the database file, or simple filename to be found with DBPATH, or :memory: to create a database in memory.
SAP HANA® datasource[?options] ODBC Data Source ? ODBC connection string parameters