My Account

Why create an account?

What is My account?

My account allows Four Js customers to create their personal website account that grants access to additional areas of the website with one single login.

These additional areas are currently:

Download / Products: download the latest versions of the products*,

Download / Early Access Programs: test the early versions of the products*,

Support / FAQ: view and rate all the entries of the technical FAQ**,

Support / Forum: take part in all customer discussions**, and receive by e-mail new products announcement and important information,

Support / Issue tracker: browse the product issues database*.

* for users storing their Customer code in their Four Js website account.
** full access granted only for users storing their Customer code in their Four Js website account, otherwise, only the public part is accessible.

What is the Customer code?

The Customer code and password were provided by Four Js with your license numbers.

If you don’t have a Customer code, contact your Sales office.

It is needed in the following website areas:

Download / Products: download the latest versions of the products*,

Support / License your products: license your products online.

Note: You can store your Customer code in your Four Js website account (single sign-on).

How can I register at My account?

To create your account, click the “Register” link at the top right of each page.
You will be asked to fill in:

  • your account identification (your email address and a password),
  • some details to complete your personal identification (name, company, country),
  • your customer information (Customer code or license number) to be able to access the technical services (Forum, FAQ, Issue tracker, Early Access Programs).