GWC – Chrome bug turns comboboxes yellow

by Support Team

We had an interesting support issue recently.  The symptoms of the issue were that when using a HTML5 Genero Web Client application in a Chrome browser, if you selected a value from a ComboBox, the ComboBox would get a yellow background.  This was only occurring on Chrome

What we eventually tracked it down to was an issue in Chrome whereby a Chrome Auto-update had introduced this undesired behaviour.  More details can be seen here

If you want to see the issue for yourself, try this example from W3Schools  If you are using an affected version of Chrome, when selecting a value from the ComboBox, you will find that the field gets a yellow background.

We have not discovered a workaround and as the issue has low impact and is aesthetic in nature and does not lead to incorrect decision making, we suggest living with it until the next Chrome auto-update occurs when if the Chrome issue details are to be believed, this issue will be resolved.