FGL – CCR released 2.50.23

by Support Team

A CCR was recently made available for FGL+GWS, version 2.50.23

A list of issues fixed since the last maintenance release and included in this CCR can be found here …



The main issue triggering the release of the CCR were some web service issues affecting some new development a customer was undertaking …

  • [GWS-271] – HTTP client and server API should handle UTF-8 in URL encoding and decoding
  • [GWS-507] – fglwsdl crashes when it encouters a XSD datatype inheriting from a XSD simpleType without definition
  • [GWS-511] – XML Signature verification does not properly handle inclusiveNamespace
  • [GWS-522] – Multipart parsing may crash if connection from peer is closed or times out

If you believe you are affected by these issues, please contact your support representative and ask for the CCR to be made available to you.  Otherwise to minimise business interruption, we suggest you wait until the next maintenance release where these fixes will also be included.