WWDC 17 – Breakout Sessions

28 September, 2017

We have created 4 themed tracks comprising 3 one hour seminars to facilitate greater interaction and depth on the subjects that interest you most.

These themes are:

My First…

Discover the following:

  • My first Genero Mobile app,
  • My first Genero Cloud deployment,
  • My first Genero Report.

The User Experience

Create state-of-the-art user experiences:

  • Genero Browser Client,
  • Genero Mobile,
  • Genero Desktop Client.

Advanced Techniques

Hone your infrastructure integratiion skills:

  • Interoperating with technology stacks such as Java, Microsoft Sharepoint and C#,
  • Configuring a secure infrastructure for Web applications,
  • Performance tuning for highly scalable applications.


Become a hero by migrating to Genero V3.10:

  • Genero enhancements to the Informix 4GL language,
  • Migrating from Informix 4GL to Genero – successful customer case studies,
  • Migrating to Genero Enterprise V3.10.