Update GMI in existing GST installation

Use this procedure to update a Genero Studio installation for a different version of Genero Mobile for iOS (GMI).

  1. Download the required version of Genero Mobile for iOS.
    To download the latest release, visit the Products page of the Four Js web site.
  2. Extract the downloaded package to a new directory.
    Warning: Do not extract to or overwrite the default GMIDIR of the Genero Studio installation, as it could be overwritten if you install a new Genero Studio into the same directory.
  3. Select Tools > Genero Configurations to open the Genero Configuration Management dialog.
  4. In the iOS environment set, update the GMIDIR environment variable of the iOS environment set to reference your new GMI directory, as set in step 2.
    Figure: iOS Environment Set

    Screen shot showing iOS Environment Set, with GMIDIR highlighted.
  5. Select Tools > iOS Tools > Deploy Genero Mobile for iOS to update your device with the new GMI and/or rebuild and redeploy your package.