Update GMA in existing GST installation

Use this procedure to update a Genero Studio installation for a different version of Genero Mobile for Androidâ„¢ (GMA).

  1. Download the required version of Genero Mobile for Android.
    To download the latest release, visit the Products page of the Four Js web site.
  2. Extract the downloaded package to a new directory.
    Warning: Do not extract to or overwrite the default GMADIR of the Genero Studio installation, as it could be overwritten if you install a new Genero Studio into the same directory.
  3. Select Tools > Genero Configurations to open the Genero Configuration Management dialog.
  4. Update the GMADIR environment variable of the Android environment set to reference your new GMA directory.
    Figure: Android Environment Set

    Screen shot showing Android Environment Set, with GMADIR highlighted.
  5. Select Tools > Android Tools > Deploy Genero Mobile for Android to update your device with the new GMA and/or rebuild and redeploy your package.

    If you encounter an issue when building the .apk package, make sure to update your Android SDK with the missing features.