Explore database meta-schemas

Follow these steps to interact with a database meta-schema for developing forms, reports, and services.

Before you begin: The OfficeStore project must be opened in the Project view.

  1. Expand the OfficeStore Model project.
  2. Under the Databases node, doubleclick on the officestore.4dbx file.
    The file opens in the Meta-schema manager.
    Figure: Meta-schema manager

  3. Note the layout of the tables and columns and the defined join relationships between them.
    Tip: Zoom in and out by holding down the Ctrl key while using the mouse wheel.
  4. Select File > Print Preview. Note that you can print any diagram in a variety of ways. Close the Print preview dialog.
  5. Find the account table. Select the lastname column and modify its column length from 80 to 120.
  6. Save your changes. Note that the diagram reflects that the schema is different from the database by flagging the modified column.
  7. Select Database > Generate Database Update Script, and click Generate.
    A 4gl file is created for you and opened in the Code Editor.
  8. Close the Code Editor (do not save the file) to complete this section of the tour.