Update the New dialog

You can modify the New dialog (which displays when you choose File > New) by updating creatables.conf.

  1. Open the creatables.conf file in your GST setup directory (as defined by the GSTSETUPDIR environment variable).
  2. Find the Category element where you want to include the new file type. The first-level Category element corresponds to the Categories list in the New dialog. The second-level Category element corresponds to the Types section in the New dialog.
    For example, for a Genero database type, first find the Category element with a name attribute of Genero, and then find the Database category beneath that.
  3. Create a New, File, Directory or Wizard element to represent the newly defined file. The easiest method is to copy an existing element and edit the attributes. For example:
    <New index="210"    name="BANewServiceServer"
         label="SOAP Web Service Server (.4wsprg)" 
         actionLabel="Implement SOAP Web Service Server" 
         description="Create SOAP Web Service Server"
         extension="4wsprg" /> 
  4. Save your files.
  5. In Genero Studio, select Tools > Specific setup > Reload.