Create a SOAP web service server

You can use Genero Studio to write, compile, and execute a SOAP Genero Web Services (GWS) server application.

Before you begin:

You must have a WSDL file or URL available to use. You can use the WSDL description to determine the operations of the Web Service in your BDL program, the required parameters, and the return values.

About this task:

The wizard retrieves the WSDL information and generates a .4gl file containing the BDL functions to create and publish a web service which can be accessed over the web.

  1. In the Projects view, right-click an application, folder, or library node, and select Add Web Service > Server Implementing WSDL....
    This calls the The Web Services wizard, to assist you in adding the Web Services client or server information to the application.
  2. Use Code Editor to create or modify a Genero application that defines a Web Service (server).
    Use the WSDL information to determine the service name and functions. Code Editor recognizes and parses the syntax of BDL functions related to Genero Web Services. See the Genero Business Development Language User Guide for details on coding your Web services clients and servers.
  3. Use the Genero Studio Build menu option to compile and link your new application.

If you must access the web service using a proxy, provide the proxy information using Tools > Preferences (or, if you are on a Mac, Genero Studio > Preferences).