Define an ascending lookup field

Ascending lookup fields specify that when a field of a non master table is updated, the related master table field will be updated.

  1. Open the form to be modified. A record of the form must include fields from the master table as well as the lookup field(s) from the reference (non master) table.
  2. Confirm the join between the tables. Right-click on the record and select Edit Query to confirm the join between the master and reference (non master) table.
  3. Select the Record tab and then the lookup field column to see its properties. Set the lookup property to a unique name (lkp_acct_ctry_desc in this example). To implement a composite lookup, set the lookup property of both lookup fields to the same value.
    Figure: lookup Property

    This figure is a screenshot of country.codedesc column properties, with lookupCountry specified for lookup property.

The generator will use this name in the function call that triggers the ascending lookup when the user modifies the reference (non master) field data. If the value is found in the reference table, it is used to update the master field. If it is not found in the reference table, the original values on the form remain intact.

  1. Save the form. Build and Execute the program.