Add a new property to the BA diagram

This example illustrates how to add a new property to the Business Application diagram by adding a new icon property to the diagram template.

Figure: New property in Program entity properties

Screenshot showing Icon property in properties list.

Before you begin: Ensure you have made a copy of the template set.

  1. From Genero Studio, open the settings.agconf file in your template directory.
  2. Navigate in the Structure view to find the <Items> element in the <BusinessApplication> element.
  3. In the <Items> child element, modify the Program item to include a dynamicProperties attribute with a value of icon.
    Figure: Structure view of settings.agconf.

    Structure view of the settings.agconf file with Items element selected.
     <Item name="Program" 
           label="New Program" 
  4. In the <DynamicProperties> section of the <BusinessApplication> element, add a new <DynamicProperty> element to define the new icon dynamic property.
    <DynamicProperty name="icon"
                     description="Defines icon to be used in 
                                 window title bar of running application."/>
  5. Save your changes.
  6. Select Tools > Specific setup > Reload.
  7. Open the OfficeStore.4pw sample project from your My Genero Files directory.
  8. Open the OfficestoreAppFlow.4ba diagram and select the Account or Orders program entity on the diagram.
  9. Note the new Icon property in the Properties view.