Add a Toolbar to a form

A Toolbar can be added to a form.

Adding a Toolbar at the form level will make the Toolbar available only to that form. To create a Toolbar the can be used for all forms or as needed, create a 4tb file and add it to your project and program.

  1. Open form.
  2. Right-click the form object in the Structure view and select Add Tool Bar from the context menu.
    The form structure now includes an ToolBar node.
  3. Right-click on the ToolBar node in the form structure view and add the elements of the Toolbar.
    Menu options Description
    Add Item Adds a ToolBarItem node and specifies the action the Toolbar button must be bound to.

    The ToolBarItem's name property must exactly match the name of an action specified in your BDL program.

    Add Separator Adds a ToolBarSeparator, an optional vertical line to be displayed on the Toolbar, visually separating some of the commands.
  4. Set properties for each of the elements in the Toolbar.