Debug a Web services server application

Complete this procedure to debug a Web services server application

Before you begin:
  • You have a Genero Studio project that includes a Web services server application and (optionally) a Web services client application.
  • Your Genero Studio configuration for Web applications is correctly configured, and references the correct parent application (defaultgst-debug) and parent service (ws.defaultgst-debug). These are defined for you in the default configuration for Web applications; you shouldn't need to define these yourself.
This procedure assumes you wish to debug the server side of a Web services application pair. For this procedure, you must run the client and the server application using the Web configuration.
Tip: To debug the client side of a Web services application, simply ensure that the Web services server application is running, then start the client application in debug mode.
  1. Select the Web configuration for Genero Studio.
  2. Ensure the Web service property is selected for the Web services server application.
  3. Add a breakpoint to the Web services server application.
  4. With the server application selected in the Projects view, select Debug > Debug to run the server application in debug mode.
    A page opens in a Web browser using the Web service URL. This is how Genero Studio starts the Web service.
  5. Start the client application.
    You can either:
    • Run an external client program.
    • Start the client application from the same project as the Web services server. Right-click on the client application and choose Execute. A dialog appears, informing you that applications are running and asking you whether you wish to close the applications. Click No. A new Web page opens for the client application.
  6. Use the client application. The Web services server application interrupts execution when the breakpoint is hit.
  7. Use Genero Studio to debug the application.