Configure multiple Android display devices

Use this procedure to configure multiple Androidâ„¢ display devices. For example, you may have an Android phone, tablet, and emulator.

By default, the device ID is not set in the Display client configuration and Genero Studio uses the default configuration for the first connected device it finds.

If you have multiple devices connected (by USB or as emulators started from Android Studio), create separate configurations where each configuration specifies one of the connected devices. The device is identified by its device ID.

  1. Select Tools > Android Tools > List Devices. The list of connected devices appears in the Output view along with their respective device IDs.
    Android virtual devices are considered devices by this utility and appear in the list.
    ::info:(GS-09007) Listing Android devices
    List of devices attached
    emulator-5556       device
    emulator-5554       device
    06dc3f26            device
    ::info:(GS-09007) List devices finished successfully
  2. Copy the device ID of a device.
    For example, a device ID may read "emulator-5554".
    Tip: If you have multiple devices listed and you are not sure which one is the right one, disconnect all of them except the one you wish to configure.
  3. From the Genero Configuration Management dialog, click the Edit display client configurations icon, located next to the Use Display Client combobox.
  4. In the Display Client management dialog, enter the ID into the Device ID field. You may edit the default configuration or add new Display Client configurations.
    Create a separate Genero configuration for each Android device you have connected.
    1. Add a new Display Client configuration.
    2. Enter the device ID into the Device ID field.
    3. Enter a port number for the device in the Port field
      We recommend having a different port for each client available on the client machine. For example:
      • 6500 for an Android Nexus 7 device
      • 6501 for an Android Nexus 5 device
      • 6502 for an Android Emulator
      and so on.

    Display Client management Device ID setting for Android.

    You can have all devices connected and the emulator started. Selecting a Genero Configuration now specifies which device to use.