Set the color and font of identifers

Create a custom keyword set for keywords you want to highlight using a specific font and color in a Code Editor document.

Before you begin

Identifier sets are provided for each language supported by Genero Studio. Some languages (such as Genero BDL) allow you to create extra identifier sets. This procedure assumes you have already created extra identifier sets for a language.

About this task

Follow these steps to specify new colors and fonts for an identifier or identifier set.

  1. Select Tools > Preferences (or, if you are on a Mac, Genero Studio > Preferences).
  2. Under Code Editor, select the Themes preference page.
  3. Under the Style Specific Settings section, select the Language.
  4. Select the name of an extra identifier from the Token Style list.
    Extra identifiers are listed using the syntax of "SetName(DefaultToken)", where the set name is the name provided to the extra identifier set.
    Unnamed sets are displayed using the syntax "EXTRA IDENTIFIER setNumber(DefaultToken)".
  5. Check the Use custom settings checkbox.
  6. Under Color, use the color picker to set the foreground and background colors for the keywords in this set.
  7. Under Font, select whether you want the font to be in bold and/or italics. To change the font family and/or size, check the Use custom font checkbox and set the new font family and/or size.