Update extra identifier sets using the GUI

Create a custom keyword set within the Genero Studio interface.

About this task

An Extra identifiers set allows you to group a specified list of keywords for the purpose of assigning a color and font for display in Code Editor. For example, if you wanted the terms FOO and BAR to appear using a specific color and/or font, you would add them to a keyword set, then define the style for that keyword set to use the color and font you desire.

Genero BDL provides eight sets of extra identifiers that you can customize, either from within the Genero Studio interface or with a .4id file. This procedure uses the interface to specify up to eight extra identifier sets.

  1. Select Tools > Preferences (or, if you are on a Mac, Genero Studio > Preferences).
  2. Under Code Editor, select the Behavior & Display preference page.
  3. In the Language combobox, select the language.
  4. Check the Use custom settings checkbox.
  5. Click on the Language Specific tab.
  6. Update the details for an extra identifier set.
    This is the set you will add your custom keywords to, and that you will later define a style for.
    Tip: This procedure uses the Genero Studio interface to create and manage your extra identifiers sets. These sets can also be managed by importing an XML file. See Update extra identifier sets with a .4id file for more information.
    1. Under Extra identifiers, select the name of a set.
    2. Click the Edit identifiers icon.
    3. Modify the set name, if desired.
    4. Use the integrated toolbar icons in the Edit Extra Identifiers dialog to add, modify, and remove keywords from the set.
    5. When you are finished, click OK.
    You have grouped a set of custom keywords into one of the eight provided custom keyword sets. To change the look-and-feel of these identifiers in Code Editor, see Set the color and font of identifers.