Create a map chart

Map charts have one key value and one data value. For example, you could map the revenue distribution by customer.

  1. Open a new or existing report in Report Designer.
  2. If you are creating a new report, specify the data schema to be used for the report.
  3. From the Tool Box view, drag and drop the Map Chart into a container on the report design.
    The Design Window contains a Chart object and its related Item object (shown as a price tag).
    Figure: Map chart object in the work area

    This figure is a screenshot of a map chart object in the work area.
  4. Select the chart object and enter the values for its properties in the Properties View:
    • Title - caption at the top of the graph
    • Keys Title - caption for the keys
    • Values Title - caption for the values
    • Draw As - the type of chart, for example, Pie or Ring. The default is a pie chart.
    • Sort By - sort alphabetically, numerically, or by input order.
    • Sort Ascending - sort in ascending or descending order.
    • DrawLegend - include or exclude the chart legend.

      When several similar charts are drawn next to each other, set Draw Legend to FALSE on all charts except one. The charts now appear to be sharing the same legend.

    • DrawLabels - include or exclude the chart labels.
  5. Select the chart's price tag, which represents the item object, and enter the following properties:
    • Key - The data item that summarizes the data. For example, in Figure 1, the key is the category name. The key must be a String. To use a non-string value, define a custom string for the key, using the data item in a expression.
    • Value - The data item that contains the numbers to be charted. For example, in Figure 1, the value is the unit price. The value must be Numeric.
    • Color - The color of each item in the map chart. If not specified, the items display using the Genero default colors. See Coloring a map chart.

      You can specify colors only if the Draw As property of the Map Chart is Pie, Pie3D, or Ring.

What to do next: You must modify the report structure to ensure the chart displays as required.