Text editing keymap

Keyboard shortcuts for editing text.

Table 1. Editing Text keymap
Command / Action Keyboard shortcuts
Toggle Insert / Overstrike mode Insert
Comment (comments all selected lines) Ctrl + K, Ctrl + K
Block comment Ctrl + K, Ctrl + C
Unblock comment Ctrl + K, Ctrl + U
Delete character/selection Delete
Delete previous character/selection Backspace
Delete to end of word (kill-word) Ctrl + D
Delete to start of word (backward-kill-word) Ctrl + Backspace
Delete line (kill-line) Ctrl + Del
Delete to end of line Ctrl + Shift + Y
Indent block Tab
Un-indent block Shift + Tab
Lowercase the currently selected text Alt + Shift + L
Uppercase the currently selected text Alt + Shift + U
Toggle case of each character in the selected text Ctrl + U
Lowercase word Ctrl + Alt + W
Uppercase word Ctrl + Alt + Shift + W

Ctrl + Z

Alt + Backspace


Ctrl + Y

Alt + Shift + Backspace

Insert return Enter Shift + Enter