iOS package node properties

An iOS or iOS Simulator package has additional iOS-specific properties.

Note: To specify the image for the Launch Screen, it is recommended to use the storyboard file instead of a fixed size.
Table 1. Properties for iOS package nodes
Group Property Description

Launch Screen (heightxwidth px)

Fixed-size image used for the iOS Launch Screen. The iOS Launch Screen displays when your app is first run and before the first window displays, allowing the user to see your app responding while startup tasks are completing.

See Launch Screen and Device Screen Sizes and Orientations on the iOS Developer Library site for more information.

iOS Launch Screen (Storyboard file) iOS 8.0 introduced a new launch screen file format, the storyboard file. The storyboard file adapts to all screen sizes and therefore does not need a PNG for each screen resolution. This format is created using Xcode® 8.0 or later.

To create the file, open Xcode and select File > New > File... > User Interface > Launch Screen. Design the launch screen using Xcode.

For more information, see the Apple® documentation on Launch Screen.


Icon (heightxwidth px)

Application icon. Icons must be in PNG format. See Image Size and Resolution and App Icon on the iOS Developer Library site for more information about icons and their use with iOS apps.
iOS Cordova Plugins Installed Cordova plugins need to be specified in the build process when creating your app. Select which Cordova plugins to include in the package. For more information, see Cordova plugins in the Genero Business Development Language User Guide.