SVN error messages

A list of SVN error messages. For messages that are not self-explanatory, additional information is provided.

Important: It is likely that the error is an SVN error. When Genero Studio executes an SVN command, it asks the SVN executable to perform the command. Genero Studio displays the result, success or error. You will likely have to refer to the official SVN documentation to identify the problem and find the solution.
Table 1. SVN Error Messages
Number Description
GS-22001 SVN Tool error.

Cannot start SVN Tool.

The SVN Tool is not properly set in preferences.

In Tools > Preferences (or, if you are on a Mac, Genero Studio > Preferences), then Source Code Management > Subversion, set and check the SVN client path.

GS-22004 SVN Add command failed.
GS-22005 SVN Commit command failed.
GS-22006 SVN Export command failed.
GS-22007 SVN import command failed.
GS-22008 SVN Info command failed.
GS-22009 SVN mkdir command failed.
GS-22010 SVN remove command failed.
GS-22011 SVN rename command failed.
GS-22012 SVN rename URL command failed.
GS-22013 SVN resolved command failed.
GS-22014 SVN revert command failed.
GS-22015 SVN log command failed.
GS-22016 SVN status command failed.
GS-22017 SVN update command failed.
GS-22018 Apply patch failed.
GS-22019 Server certification error.
In the displayed dialog, selection an option:
Accept permanently
You will not be asked for the server certificate for the same repository again.
Accept Once
Accepts the certificate only for the current operation. For the next operation, this dialog will appear again.
Cancels the operation.
GS-22020 SVN Authentication failed error.

The current user does not have access to the SVN repository.

Provide a valid user name and password in the authentication dialog box.

GS-22021 SVN proplist command failed.
GS-22022 SVN Copy command failed.
GS-22023 SVN Lock process failed.
GS-22024 SVN Unlock process failed.
GS-22025 SVN Cat command failed.
GS-22051 Item found in checkout. Double click to open.