Directory node properties

These are the properties for directory nodes.

Table 1. Directory Node properties
Group Property Description
Project Description Description of the directory.
Project Exclude from package If selected, the node is excluded from the package but not deleted.
Settings Source directory Directory containing the files to be included in the package, such as binary files or compiled form files.
Tip: Use environment variables, such as GSTSETUPDIR or GREDIR, to specify the source directory for external files or libraries.
Settings Destination directory Directory where the application resources will be written to, within the package. The destination directory must be within the root directory (defined in the package node). The default destination directory is the root directory ($(RootDir)).
Settings Included files Files to include in the package. For example, specify *.42f *.42m to include only files that match these types. By default, all files are included.
Settings Excluded files Files to exclude from the package. By default, no files are excluded.
Settings Recursive If selected, the files are searched recursively in the sub directories.