Functions to introspect reports at runtime (librdd)

Use these functions to access the structures contained in the rdd files.

The module librdd (part of the standard reporting library libgre.42x) provides programmatic access to the structures contained in rdd files (files produced by the Genero compiler fglcomp from Genero sources with the option --build-rdd).

Table 1. Functions to introspect reports at runtime
Function Description
rdd_getEveryRowFields (
  rddFileName STRING,
  reportName STRING)
Function that loads an rdd file and returns the field names of the fields contained in the first PRINT statement from the ON EVERY ROW section of the specified report.
rdd_loadRddAndGetReportInfos (
  rddFileName STRING)
 RETURNS reportInfos DYNAMIC ARRAY OF rddReportInfo
Function that loads a rdd file and returns a data structure describing the reports contained in this file.
rdd_debugReportInfos (
  reportInfos DYNAMIC ARRAY OF rddReportInfo)
Function that displays the report information contained in a rdd file for debugging purposes.

The source of the module is located in $GREDIR/src/api/librdd.4gl.