Unit Names

A list of unit names supported in Genero Studio, for example, point value and centimeter.

Table 1. Unit Names
Unit abbreviations Unit description Point value Example
point|pt Point value (72.27point = 1in) 1 10point
scrpixels[xy] Screen pixel value (e.g. for 96DPI: 96pixel = 1in = 72.27point) Depends on screen resolution of the current screen. The default value is taken from the local VM, not from a potential viewer residing on a different machine. 640scrpixelsx
prnpixels[xy] Printer pixel value (e.g. for 300DPI 300pixel = 1in = 72.27point) Depends on printer resolution of current printer (printer resolution defaults to 300 when there is no printer on the current pipe or when the printer is on a part of the pipe that resides on another machine). 150prnpixelsy
pica|pc Pica value (12point = 1pica) 12 3pica
inch|in Inch value (72.27point = 1in) 72.27 10in
bigpoint|bp Big point (72bigpoint = 1in) 72.27/72 10bp
cm Centimeter value (2.54cm = 1in) 72.27/2.54 10cm
mm Centimeter value (10mm = 1cm) 72.27/2.54/10 10mm
didot|dd Didot point (1157dd = 1238pt) 1238/1157 10dd
cicero|cc Cicero value(1cc = 12dd) 12*1238/1157 0.5cc