GRD 2.50 new features

This publication includes information about new features and changes in existing functionality.

Important: This page covers only those new features introduced with the Genero Report Designer version specified in the page title. Check prior new features pages if you migrate from an earlier version. Make sure to also read the upgrade guide corresponding to this version.

Corresponding upgrade guide: Update report design documents to the current version.

Table 1. Genero Report Designer
Overview Reference
Tables support. See Working with tables
Pivot tables support. See Working with pivot tables.
PDF enhancements. Improved PDF output, to include better memory consumption, use of the PDF referencing mechanism to improve Page M of N processing, share recurring images and CID keyed fonts support. No further reference.
Null value support. See The String Class and The Numeric Class, Conditional Expressions.
Improved trigger updates. Algorithm improved to remove the need for frequent manual adjustments for each change within the data schema (rdd) file. See Triggers.
QR code barcode support. See qr-code.
Display position of footers. Layout nodes designated as footers display at the bottom of the Mini Page, providing a WYSIWYG experience for the report designer. See Add headers and footers to a report.
Element creation by context. Create elements based on the document context in the report design. The object type created for a field is determined by the location in the document. See Adding fields from the Data View.
Splitting of oversized elements across pages to prevent overfill. See Split Oversized Items (splitOversizedItem).
Rotation of items. When the Transform transparently property is set on a parent, its children map their orientation based on the parent's parent orientation rather than the parent. See Transform transparently (transformTransparently).
Support for reverse side printing. See Specify a different reverse side page.

Chart sorting. For Map Charts and Category Charts, the sortBy property allows you to specify how the data is sorted: alphabetic, numeric, or by order of declaration of the chart items. The sortAscending property allows you to sort in ascending or descending order.

See Sort By (sortBy) and Sort Ascending (sortAscending).

Fallback image support when the requested image for an Image Box is not found.

See Image Box.
Edit triggers with a Repeat selected items on menu option in the context menu in the Report Structure view, allowing you to select a trigger to be the parent of a document node. See Place a trigger within the report structure.
Class property added for report elements. See Class (class).
Display and modify the sizing policy of containers. See Modify the sizing policy of containers.
The fidelity property has been added to business charts and the pivot table, applied only when the object in question is drawn as a table. See Business Graphs.
The layout direction of a parent container is highlighted in the Genero Report Designer by the addition of a dashed, slowly moving, U-shaped yellow border. See Layout Direction (layoutDirection).
Preference added to control the appearance of RTL expressions in the document view. See Report Writer preferences.
Added options to facilitate the mass generation of images that are sized by their content (e.g. for web sites). See fgl_report_setImageUsePageNamesAsFileNames and fgl_report_setImageShrinkImagesToPageContent.