Integrating existing applications

Considerations for integrating existing applications into Genero Studio.

Table 1. Considerations for integrating existing applications
Consideration Information
Determine whether you will use a local or remote configuration of Genero Studio. See Configure for local or remote development.
Incorporate a schema. See Create a meta-schema.
Import your files. See Import existing files as a new project.
Reorganize your project nodes and check dependencies See Default organization of imported files.
Start correcting errors - syntax, link errors, language errors. See Code Editor basics.
Recompile and link. Adapt makefiles. Adapt makefiles or create build rule that calls a makefile. See Building and linking programs.
Run your application in traditional mode. You can use the traditional GUI mode to ease migration from TUI based applications to GUI mode.

With the traditional mode, application windows bound to forms using a SCREEN section will be displayed as simple boxes in a main front end window. Other windows bound to forms defined with the LAYOUT section will be displayed a new GUI windows.

The traditional GUI mode can be enabled with an FGLPROFILE entry:
gui.uiMode = "traditional"
By default, the traditional GUI mode is off.
Consider form migration from per to 4fd and begin using Form Designer. See Import and export .per files, Creating the user interface, Form Designer usage.
Modernize forms. See Creating the user interface.
Analyze code. See Code Analyzer.
Debug. See Graphical Debugger.
Switch client configurations from desktop to web. See Change the active configuration.
Improve the meta-schema. See Adding to a meta-schema
Consider modernizing code. See
Consider report strategy. See Report Writer.
Customize studio environment. See Integrate your tools into Genero Studio, General Preferences.