Commit / Review changes

To commit your updated version of a file to the repository, right-click on the file in your Project and choose SCM > Review Changes.

From the SVN Status view, check the Select column for the files you wish to commit, and click Commit. This invokes the SVN Commit dialog to commit any checked file.

Warning: Avoid committing the .4pw file if the only modification is a change of default application.
Figure: SVN Commit dialog

Commit dialog.
Commit Comments
Enter a comment, or select from the list of recent comments.
Files to unlock on commit
Unlock committed files (default)
Unlock only those locked files that are committed.
Unlock all files
Unlock all locked files after commit. If some of the locked files are modified but not committed, you are warned that some of the modified files will be unlocked.
Keep all locks
No file is unlocked after commit.