Database Form preferences

The Database Forms Settings page sets the preferences for the placement of elements on a form in Form Designer, when the wizard selects fields from a database using a Form Designer wizard.

The Database Forms Settings page consists of three sections.


Specify the default container to be used for the form.

Grid and ScrollGrid

Under Label and Field Alignment, click on the icon to identify the default layout of the labels and fields. As you select an icon, a textual description displays to confirm how the labels and fields will align.

Under Label and Field Properties, you specify defaults for the labels and fields.

  • Maximum width: Maximum width of a field or label, in characters.
  • Number of fields: Number of fields per line.
  • Top border: Top border, in lines.
  • Bottom border: Bottom border, in lines.
  • Left margin: Left margin, in characters.
  • Right margin: Right margin, in characters.
  • Field gutter: Number of spaces between a label and field, in characters.
  • Field gap - Gap between two fields on the same line, in characters.


Under Matrix, you specify whether fields can become matrixes.
  • Repeat: If selected, the fields can repeat and become matrixes.