Configure Genero Mobile for iOS

Requirements for configuring Genero Mobile to develop apps for iOS.


This configuration allows you to run a program and display it to your iOS physical or virtual device.

  • Genero Mobile, which includes Genero Studio customized for mobile app development

  • A MacĀ® running Mac OS.

    For a detailed list of supported operating systems, refer to the Supported platforms and databases document (available on the Products download page of the Four Js Web site) or contact your support center. This document also informs you which operating systems will no longer be supported as of the next release.

  • Xcode. See Install and configure Xcode.

  • Either the iOS Simulator or an iOS physical device connected to machine via USB

  • A standard, freeAppleĀ® ID account or a purchased developer account
    Note: A developer account is not required for creating apps that run on the simulator. You will need an account once you want to:
    • Install an app on an iOS device (even your own one for debugging)
    • Distribute an app on the iOS app store
    • Distribute in-house iOS apps to your employees
  • Genero Studio (launched when launching Genero Mobile) configured to communicate with the device or simulator