Display image with table row in mobile form

You can display an image with each table row in a mobile form.

Note: Example shown here is the OrderLines form in the OfficeStoreMobile demo.

Example: Table with image

This app displays a form that is made up of a table container. The table container has special features for mobile apps.
  1. An image in the first position.
  2. Concatenated data displayed in two fields. See Mobile form patterns.

In this example, the database table includes a column (prodpic) that contains the name of the image to display for the selected row. During development, the images are found in the directory specified by the FGLIMAGEPATH environment variable. For apps that will be deployed, the packaging specifies where to find the images for inclusion in the app package.

Figure: Running app with table form with image

Running mobile app showing a list with an image in the first position of each row.

Form structure

To create this table view for your mobile app:
  • The table structure for this form includes a picture column set to a Phantom type, and two fields (masterInfo and detailInfo) to hold the concatenated display data.
  • The masterInfo field has the IMAGECOLUMN attribute (seen as the image column property in Genero Studio) set to the name of the field containing the name of the image.
    Figure: masterInfo column with image column property set

    Screen shot showing image column property set to product.prodpic, the phantom column.
When rendered in a mobile environment, the image defined by the Phantom field displays in the first position of each row in the table.