Report print settings

Print Settings are set automatically for a report in a generated application.

By default, the report print action (the action name reportsetup) is bound to the Print... button in the generated user interface Toolbar.

When the user clicks on the Print... button, the Print Settings dialog is displayed.

The options in the dialog are controlled by properties set on the ReportRelation; that is the relationships entity between the current Form object and one or more Report Data entities on the Business Application diagram (4ba). The options are described in Table 1.
Figure: Report Print Settings

Screenshot shows the Print Settings dialog
Table 1. Report Print Settings Options
Option Description
Report List The Report List shows all Report Label values for ReportRelation to the current Form.
Select Fields Select Fields is enabled if there is not a Report Design (4rp) file specified in the Report File property for the ReportRelation to the current Form. By clicking the Select Fields button, the Printable fields selection dialog is opened to select fields to print.
Figure: Printable Fields Selection dialog

The image shows a screenshot of the Printable Fields Selection dialog
Preview Displays the selected report on the front-end:
  • With Genero Desktop Client, the Genero Report Viewer application is automatically opened to display the report.
  • With Genero Browser Client, the Genero Report Viewer for HTML5 is automatically opened in the browser to display the report.
Printer Select printer to print report. Options are Default Local Printer or Choose a Local Printer.
Export Format The report can be output in different formats. Options are PDF, HTML, XLS (Excel), or RTF (WS-Word). By clicking the Export button, the report is output in the selected format.
Tip: A BAM application also has menu buttons in the generated user interface toolbar for exporting to these formats. See Report export options.
Print Print the selected report.
Apply Save your selections for report, printer, fields, and export format.
Export Export the report to file in the selected format. Depending on the front-end there are different options for handling the file:
  • With Genero Desktop Client, it is opened by the default program associated with the format on the system, or the program you select if there is no default.
  • With Genero Browser Client, a new browser tab is opened. Depending on your browser configuration, the document is either opened or downloaded.