Similar to Form, the BusinessRecord element defines the settings for a Business Record entity, which describes the database columns for a report. The only difference is that the isManaged attribute does not exist (all Business Record files are managed).

In this default format, the only item that differs from the Record associated with a form is a Relation, and the Dynamic Properties apply to that item.


    <File attributes>
      <DynamicProperties> dynamic property list </DynamicProperties>
      <Items> item list </Items>

Child elements

The BusinessRecord element may contain the following child elements:

  1. One or more File elements.


  <File extension="4rd">
      <DynamicProperty name="foreignFields" type="FIELDS" label="foreignFields"
        initialValue="" dynamicContent="srcFieldsContent"
        editorInfo="isDynamic:true" />
      <DynamicProperty name="primaryFields" type="FIELDS" label="primaryFields"
        initialValue="" dynamicContent="dstFieldsContent"
        editorInfo="isDynamic:true" />
      <Item nodeName="Relation" srcProperty="foreignFields"
       dynamicProperties="primaryFields;foreignFields" />