Selecting, moving, and resizing form items

Form items can be selected individually or in groups, moved, and resized.


Select an item
Use the mouse to select an item. A selected item on the form design is displayed with handles around it.
Double-click an item
Double-clicking on an item executes the default action, which depends on the widget. For example, double-clicking on a button label or group opens the Edit text dialog. Double-clicking on a combobox or radiogroup, opens the Edit items dialog.
Multiple selection
To select multiple items, select and item and then hold down the Ctrl key while selecting additional items.
Square selection
While holding down the Shift key, drag a rectangle touching elements to select.
Select all

Right click on the form and select Select all Form Fields. This selects all form fields within the current container.

Ctrl-A (select all) selects all records on the current tab.

Moving and resizing

Selected items can be moved with the mouse or by using the keyboard arrows (left, right, up, down). This changes the value of the item's posX and/or posY attributes.

Selected items can be re-sized by holding down the Shift key while using the keyboard arrows. This changes the value of the item's gridWidth and/or gridHeight attributes.