Form item properties

Properties can be set on form items such as containers and widgets to provide information on how the runtime system should display or handle the item.

Properties for a form or form item can be modified by selecting the form item(s) on the form or a node in the Structure view. The properties that are valid for the selected item(s) are displayed.

Some properties are used frequently and are grouped together for easier reading and management. The composition of the groups vary, depending on the selected form item(s).

Default values

Each property has a default value. To reset a default value, use the Reset value button next to the property.


Some properties include an initializer. The initializer defines how the property's default value is determined. For example, reference information from the database meta-schema (sqltype, notNull, required, uniqueKey, labels, etc.) is inherited to the form by the initializer. Initializers are computed on schema change.

If the property has an initializer option, an Initializer button appears to the left of the Reset value button and displays the Initializer dialog to set or edit the property's initializer value.

When an Initializer property is set or modified, the property name displays in bold and the Initializer button changes symbol.