The fieldType property specifies whether or not the data type comes from a database schema.

Valid values include:
The value is defined in terms of a database column. When this value is selected, the tableName and colName properties must be specified. The tableName property specifies the name of the database table, and the colName property provides the mame of the database column.
The value is not defined in terms of a database column.
The value is like NON_DATABASE, but takes its description from a database column.
The value is defined in terms of an alias assigned to a database table. When this option is selected, the tableAliasName property appears in the Properties view.

There is not an explicitly-named FIELDTYPE attribute in Genero BDL. The field type is defined by the syntax of the entry in the ATTRIBUTES section. For related topics, search on ATTRIBUTES section in the Genero Business Development Language User Guide.