Localizing your form

Localized strings allow you to customize the text displayed by your application, for internationalization or site-specific text.

The localizedStr property allows you to set localization for an individual widget or form item, where applicable. To mark the related strings for localization, set the checkbox for localized strings to "True" .

When the form definition is completed, you can use the gsform utility from the command line to generate a text file of the localized strings. For example:

gsform -m myform.4fd > myfile.str

The format of the file is "string key" = "string text". You can copy the file and change the string text as needed for localization. Do not change the string key, because this is generated by Genero Studio.

The localized strings file must be added to a library node in your project, and the library must be linked to your application node. When the application is built, the localized string is compiled and linked into your application.

See the Localized Strings topic in the Genero Business Development Language User Guide for more information.