Fix Case

Use the Fix Case tool to make all symbol names match their definition exactly. For example, if a variable was initially defined as custID, then all instances of custid and CUSTID are changed to match the definition.

In Genero BDL, symbols are not case-sensitive; for example, custid is treated the same as custID or CUSTID. However, case inconsistencies can make the source code difficult to read and maintain, so the recommended practice is to use consistent case.

The Fix Case tool is part of the fglcomp compilation tool (fglcomp --fix-case). For more information, see the Make symbols case match definition topic in the Genero Business Development Language User Guide.

From Code Editor

With the file open in the Code Editor, select Edit > Fix Case. All symbol names now match the name of their definition.

From the File Browser or Project Manager

From the File Browser or Projects view:

  1. Select one or more files or groups.
  2. Right-click and select Fix Case.

The selected files are processed and symbol names are made consistent with their definitions.