Step through the program

Use the Graphical Debugger to step through your program.

When a program is launched in Debug mode, the execution is halted at the first breakpoint encountered. You can proceed by selecting a command from the Debug menu:

Execute the current line and stop at the next source line in the current function. If this source code line is a call to another function, you can Step in or Step out.
Step in
Step into the current function, executing the next source line inside the called function.
Step out
Step out of the called function before it ends, returning to the next source line following the CALL statement.
Resume program execution until another breakpoint is reached, a watchpoint is triggered, or the program terminates.
Stop the execution of the program being debugged, return control to the debugger, display the current line being executed, and update debugger views. This allows you to interrupt a program that is in an endless loop, or that is displaying a form.