Breakpoints view

This Breakpoints view displays information on all breakpoints set for the current project.

Each breakpoint has its own row of information. You can manage breakpoints in the Breakpoints view after starting the debugger. During a debugging session, only those breakpoints that apply to the current project and session are shown.

Figure: Breakpoints view

This figure is a screenshot of the Debugger Breakpoints tab.
Number assigned to the breakpoint by the Debugger. Note that the number is assigned after the debugger starts. If you examine the Breakpoints view outside of a debugging session, the breakpoints do not have a number assigned.
File, Line, Function
Breakpoint's location in the source file.
Select to enable the breakpoint. Clear to disable the breakpoint.
Specify conditions for the breakpoint. Create or edit a condition by clicking in the row's Condition column. If a condition is defined, it is checked each time the line is to be executed. Execution stops at this breakpoint only if the condition is true.
Hit Count
Total number of times a breakpoint has been hit.
Skip Hits
Number of times the breakpoint should be ignored.

To sort the breakpoints, click on a column header.

The integrated Toolbar includes options to manage breakpoints. These options are also available by right-clicking on a line in the Breakpoints view.
Go to source code
Open the file containing the breakpoint. Double-clicking a line will also open the file containing the breakpoint.
Delete breakpoint
Delete the selected breakpoint.
Edit breakpoint condition
Edit the condition associated to the breakpoint.
Delete breakpoint condition
Remove the condition associated to the breakpoint.
Delete all breakpoints
Remove all breakpoints.
Disable all breakpoints
Disable all breakpoints.